March 28, 2017

Short trip to Shirakawa-go, World heritage site village.

Hi, this is Tatsu writing。


Few days ago, I took a short trip to Shirakawa-go village in Gifu,

where is famous as one of greatest world heritage site in Japan.





This is from the mountain near the village, and that’s quite beautiful and impressive snowy sight though it was the end of March.


Shirakawa-go is an old Japanese village in snowy mountainous area in the middle of Japan.


Especially, their houses which was made for enduring to heavy snow, is called “Gassho Dukuri”, and it was registered as UNESCO’s world heritage site.




To be surprised, local people are still living in these houses、even though they were built more than 4 hundreds years ago and the most of them were done with woods.




 This is how hard to walk in the deep snow in the village.

She is serious…


Some houses are now used as cafe, restaurants or souvenir shops.

We visited one which is still used for the house Kanda House(Kanda family is living).





Opened for all guests to see the original Gassho Dukuri house.





Irori(on the center of pic) is the symbol of traditional Japanese house, and is used as fireplace and also cooking stove.


All guests can enjoy Kanda family‘s welcome tea which was made on Irori, after finished seeing the whole house.

Tastes great, and we can feel relaxing as we are in our real home.  They are great host.




 Upstairs are display-space of old farming implements and furniture.

It should have been very hard to live in such a snowy cold areas.





From top of the Kanda House, we can see many Gassho Dukuri houses in the village,

and Kanda House is famous as the only house that we can clime up to the top of itself.


I felt, touched and saw many impressive things that’s why they have been registered as World Heritage Site.


Hope to see them again!!

Bye : )